Increasing your website's search engine ranking


Evaluating your business from different angels to better understand its environment, competitors & target market.


Creating an SEO strategy to achieve your business goals effectively. Every step taken will ensure precision and will cater to your business.


We will use our expert knowledge in the industry to run your SEO campaign and to obtain optimum result to put you ahead of your competitors.


We measure your progress and provide feedback as to how much you have achieved and how you can go about improving it more and more.

The many benefits of improving your website’s SEO

SEO is not just a fancy name but an engineered process to bring in potential sales! A large portion of the Canadian population uses Google to search for products and services. Appearing on the 1st page of Google Search means getting more audience & business!

Increased Incoming Calls

Higher visibility on search engines means more calls from potential customers and clients

Increased Potential Leads

Generate higher number of potential leads that can be converted into accounts or customers

Increased Sales

By being conveniently found on search engines, your business can generate a higher sales volume

More online traffic

Obtain a higher number of online visitors to your website/landing pages and generate more stats for your business

Enhance online visibility

A better SEO means that your business would be more visible online when potential customers search for your industry

Trust & Reliability

A website that has a high online visibility gives a better sense of trust and reliability to end users

SEO Service Features

Content Optimization

We optimize your content so that it relates to your industry and contains queries that are commonly used by online visitors when searching on search engines.

Meta Data

We ensure that all your website pages entail detailed meta data information to allow search engines to efficiently crawl and index pages for online visitors to find.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

We optimize the headers and descriptions of your search links to better expose your site and increase the number of visitors that click on your landing page links.

Internal Links

Well placed internal links help users navigate the website, establish information hierarchy for the given site and help spread link ranking power around websites.


By using Google Fonts, webmasters can now experience modern font for their website as oppose to working with conventional windows fonts such as Arial, Comic Sans and many more.

Page Load Speed

A website that has a minimal load time offers a better experience for the end-user. Search engines value fast loading time since it allows them to crawl more pages within a certain time frame.

Mobile Optimization

Due to a wide use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to access the Internet, search engines today assign a higher rank to websites that provide a responsive layout.

Keyword Research

We go through an extensive keyword research process to find out more about your competitors online and to improve the keywords used to describe your landing pages.

Local Business Listings

We submit your website and business information to the most popular online directories for an enhanced online exposure and high quality back-links to your landing pages.

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