Harnessing the power of Social Media tools to advertise your business

Strategy Development

Before everything else, we develop a unique Social Media strategy for businesses, taking into consideration their environment and competitors to guarantee quality results.

Brand Management

The brand of your business is what customers keep in their mind hence why we keep it consistent when developing content and posts for different social channels.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Running of multiple paid ads that target specific demographics so that you can increase ROI and ensure that the right people are being exposed to the advertisements.

Reporting & Analysis

We offer a thorough report of all Social Media activities to summarize the effects of each social channel and help business owners with future marketing strategies.

Content Management

A well engineered content can go a long way hence why we have partnered up with talented Content Writers to produce top class content for all of our Social Media posts.

On-Going Consultation

Our service can be seen as a journey, that is why through out each social campaign we provide consultation as to how you can improve tactics and achieve goals to out-run the competition.

Our look at Social Media

With the power of Social Media businesses can now stay in touch with customers on more ground levels and inform them of their latest products and services. We harness the power of social channels and connect the right audience to the right business.

Many reasons as to why your business should go Social

75% of the Canadian population uses Facebook as a Social Media tool to allow them to stay connected with friends and family. The overall amount of information that gets shared on these channels are substantial hence why an important reason as to why business should start focusing on using these channels to drive-in business and increase sales.

Increased Brand Awareness

Let the people see the true colours of your business; represent your theme by means of graphic art, use of colour and tone of writing.

More Inbound Traffic

Bring in a higher traffic to your landing pages through different Social Media networks; track results by using analytic tools.

Improves SEO

Due to a high usage of Social Media, search engines have started to award a higher SEO ranking for landing pages.

Higher Conversion Rates

Converting visitors to potential leads by using exclusive content to promote Call-to-Action and increase customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering a quick and reliable communication with your customers through Social channels can increase their satisfaction.

Target Advertising

Running Pay-per-Click ad campaigns and targeting the right group of audience to increase return on investment (ROI)

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